Mardi 16 août 2011

Remember the late summer of swimming

I can not swim in this, although seen video teaching, but the next as to the water, still feeling less likely to travel. Fortunately, will not or can learn, practice makes perfect, like swimming a few times or more also will be of it. However, swimming does not try to see can easily learn. Xu is a day of hot sake, the pool of water is also extremely warm, stay in the water and feel very comfortable. Although poor swimming,sweat shorts watching the people who travel a good feel envious, but he's come here to swim it, in fact, due to hot, cool map, or just to play it, but it is really found someone to "swim ", and not see a woman wearing a very formal age swimsuit, swim nonstop cycle of no more than an hour, two or three one thousand meters is not afraid of it, it is awe-inspiring.
In fact, I have been trying to learn the breaststroke, is not very familiar with how smooth ventilation, travel slower, but fortunately you can swim in the previous paragraph, does not seem so scared of before. Colleagues practiced freestyle, or speed of travel so quickly, but the intensity of feeling bigger, I have tried several times, feeling more discomfort, but it is still a lack of endurance, but also less likely to ventilation. Travel while playing for a while, to see it was getting dark,New era hats look at the table for almost seven, even unknowingly to more than an hour. And colleagues followed up on, locker out, go home ... ...
Autumn to lean on a railing afar, ascending vast sense of ... ... fall in the future, will be the last summer! There is still time to do many things.
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Lundi 15 août 2011

"Wholesale jerseys" of July and a half

Lunar July 15, Buddhist devotees to this day is known as Obon, Fujian Province and Fujian, the person familiar with the Taoist belief that the Hungry Ghost Festival, the most common non-argument is that half of July Halloween. The same day, three different title. The folk in the mouth "three religions" of July and a half, not the three major religious denominations, but to the local Chinese culture of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and everyday it is also the same in the three religions MLB Adjustable Hats. July and a half is the "three religions," an important symbol. Let me Hungry Ghost Festival. Ghost comes from the Lantern, Lantern Festival is the world's Lantern Festival, Ghost Festival is the soul of the festival belongs to the underworld, when the lanterns to celebrate it is obvious that the ghosts of the other: man yang, yin ghosts, land of sun, water is cloudy. Water to the nether world of the mysterious dark, so the Lantern lanterns in the land, Zhongyuan Zhang is the custom of lighting lamps turn on the water. The Buddhist festival of Obon, the Buddhist story of Mu Jian Lian came to save the mother, "Hungry Ghost" is Sanskrit, meaning hung upside down, describe Kue; basin refers to a container filled worship thing. Obon, not only salvation for the deceased elder, but also degree of begging peace from Kue.
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Samedi 13 août 2011

Low-key affair! High-profile New era hats!

 Ambiguous, not always on the table, it's just hovering in the choice and the choice between the two can monensin, very awkward to get along New era hats, contact the. Can not be under a large crowd, not in any public places where friends, colleagues or family members in front of tugging back and forth, do intimate act, because all in all, just because an ambiguous relationship be refined and can not be positioned so that the two are in ambiguous term low-key person to get along with!

     Love's predecessor, it should be is ambiguous! There is no ambiguity, I think, they will lose after the sweet memories of love! Difficult to trace, but I thought!

     Love is sweet, and one another's concerns, thinking about from time to time after breaking up with being the miss, you can wander hand in hand, you can not spend a penny in the park, or anywhere not too tired to switch on the day cool t shirt design, because each there is always a love! Because the relationship clear, we can see friends, colleagues greeted each other bold introduction, the other can be a great party with a guest house to eat each other! Relationship clear and explicit position in the honeymoon period so that the two high-profile contacts with men and women! Even without the future, but the prevailing mood, must be happy, sweet and happy!

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Vendredi 12 août 2011

Leave the United States

Next week and the new recruits to the Manager to join New hire training, although she is not quite confirm hat club, from a professional and experience, I do not know whether the qualified Personal Financial Consultant.

   For a long time, I feel tired, 8:30 every morning to the bank, and the Shanghai branch to do a telephone connection, listen to financial market analysis. The work of foreign banks often variable, the management of the total success of the force of a city to other cities.

   Work more than two years, into the two banks are foreign, whether it is work intensity, or pressure of work, really hone the mind, many of my colleagues jumped securities companies, trust companies, fund companies, the most profitable of the three major financial institutions I still stay in the foreign banks, that they do not fit into the high-risk financial institutions, because I do not have the ability to help clients control risk. Before I consider the core of financial options jeans shorts, but now I understand the core of the financial risk.

   Say 2009 is the winter of the financial sector, 09 in the first half of the second half of 2008 the economy will be worse than the fourth quarter, may pick up, through the financial crisis of the whole year, did not think so terrible .

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Jeudi 11 août 2011

July Fox hat

My parents' house has always been a bit confusing custom, semi-Min River and a half. Parents have been advocating that elderly people living alive when the Takashi ---- more filial jeans shorts, as after the death of some of the red tape, how to simplify what can be simplified. Including their own, that they are alive when I behaved like that, if reborn, the skins ashes, is free to spill, do not let the burden of the dead into living. Every time my father talking about these, are particularly open-minded, fearless look dull appearance of the proletarian revolutionaries, "who are feudal superstition." Notebook since my mother in July and a half to the maternal grandfather and grandfather incense burning paper. Very simple, just put pictures of their grandfather, put 2 cup Jiannanchun, point 2 cigarettes, and then some on facilities for the preparation of dried fruit, fruit or fish (not ready is common.), Because my grandfather was alive is extremely loving, the mother will be very creative Sincerely, perfume, and incense burning paper; mother crow all the way, rest assured there is nothing more than your old man, enjoying their spirituality;jeans shorts a lot of rich bless our family safe; crossing the devil were also Please take some Money, and not difficult mortal world and the underworld of the family and so on. So, half of my childhood memories on July, after the grandfather who is dense smoke photographs thin face, which is more like a fun game.
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Mardi 09 août 2011


Friends, forgive me for getting little to greetings. There is a feeling, not strong, but there has been. We can not always around, like phone messages and no,jeans sale we can not be the first to share each other's happiness and unhappiness, apathy seems to become silent,

 we can not laugh and then went out to dinner together, as if out of each other's world of , we can not work together with the struggle with the exam, as if now completely out later,we no longer have a small conflict is no longer laughing so brazenly, as if around a little something but not so important what we can not make mistakes cried, Seems to belong to the past of the immature bird, as if mottled green, leaving only the memory of the years.

We have a new life, new environment, new friends, we are faced with something new to stay by the new around us to share our emotions.

Sometimes think, once we think, and sometimes a long list of long list of small items will be brought back memories about you, about us, and even clearly remember the sentence, then laugh at the trouble.

Time to change what is, in fact, nothing,designer mens time for us from the past to the present, do not dilute the memories to go with is memories.

Dear you, thank you encounter, with me through it for a very long way, when I naive when I met a premature and a threshold is not grow up with me you leave me now, We are different in different parts of the environment, gradually, gradually, no longer linked.

But space is updated every time, every change to the album, a sign of each change affects all of each other's heart.

Because I know the distance of your good or bad happy or unhappy, to forgive is not always accompanied forgive not share strong feelings, forgive the occasional thought may feel lonely.

If one day we meet again, friends,New era hats good buddies, good sister who, at the same table for you, that everything had not changed.

Would like this document to you is not around, engraved in the memories, I stroll to accompany the road will not forget!
There is a feeling, not strong, but there has been!


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